Since May 2001 ARC has invested in over twenty businesses. Click on the company name to learn more about the businesses

arcintercapital Scientific Instrumentation Seed Early Sales
TISS Trailer Security Growth Profitable
RLogo Opticians Growth Exited
Gamesys Online Leisure Seed Profitable
Lombok Furniture Retail Growth Exited
Fitness Health & Fitness Expansion Exited
Red-M Wireless Growth Exited
Intec Energy Pilot Programme Failed
Bac2 Fuel Cell Seed Product Development
Million-21 Mobile Gaming Growth Exited
arcintercapital Medical Devices Product Development Failed
osspray Dentistry Product Development Failed
arcintercapital Health Expansion Failed
arcintercapital Card Services Expansion Failed
arcintercapital Scientific Instrumentation Acquisition Exited
Mydeo Video Sharing Growth Failed
arcintercapital Industry Expansion Trading
enigma Diagnostics Growth Trading
celona Software Expansion Failed
sirigen 2 Biotech Product Developoment Exited
intelligence Software Expansion Failed
syrinix_logo Utilities Expansion Trading
Bradbury Care Services Expansion Exited
evident Legal Services Growth Exited
ervebase_GMCP_Black Payment Processing MBO Exited
Touch_Press Software Growth Trading
Pulsar-outline Lighting Turnaround Trading
arcintercapital Online Fashion Growth Trading
arcintercapital Telecoms Growth Trading
ITnery logo Travel Growth Failed
Tuftons Bankers Entertainment Filming Post production
Buzzmove Removal Services Growth Exited
arcintercapital Publishing Expansion Trading
arcintercapital Virtual Offices Expansion Trading
arcintercapital Compliance Administration Expansion Trading
arcintercapital Beverage Expansion Trading
arcintercapital Online Ticketing Marketing Trading
arcintercapital Education Expansion Trading
arcintercapital Asset Management Seed Trading
arcintercapital Photography Expansion Trading

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