Aria Networks Awarded First Key SDN/NFV Patent

Chippenham-based Aria Networks has been awarded a patent for ground-breaking technology that enables the effective optimisation of multi-layer networks. The patent has been granted in the US and international coverage is pending.

The patent supports Aria Networks’ Generic Routing Engine (GRE), an artificial intelligence (AI) methodology for modelling networks, data centres and complex Cloud-based services. Aria Network’s GRE enables the routing of traffic through multi-layer networks including IP, Optical, RAN, SDH, MPLS-TE, LSPs and any combination of the above.

The GRE determines optimum paths through any network with multiple layers, describing how the network reacts to failure scenarios, as well as resource addition, modification or removal by fully utilizing virtualisation technology. This enables Aria Networks to create a software defined model that optimises any mobile or fixed network; data centre or Cloud service, even if the network is made up of a combination of different technologies.

Dr Jay Perrett, founder and Chief Technology Officer, Aria Networks comments: “This patent establishes the intellectual property behind Aria Networks’ vision for a software defined future. It enables Aria Networks to protect its artificial intelligence (AI) engine for capacity planning and orchestration.”

“What is unique about Aria Networks’ AI engine is its ability to work across any technology and infrastructure from any vendor. As networks become more complex and elastic, made up of a combination of permanent and temporary assets, the capability to model effectively and provide scenarios that help to optimise traffic will become a critical element for service providers in delivering services profitably.”

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About Aria Networks

Founded in 2005, Aria Networks is an independent and network agnostic tool for network operators, datacentres and high traffic internet services. It facilitates the effective planning, creation and optimisation of networks and datacentres, enabling the most effective use of resources, accurate planning for upgrades and roll outs and real time analysis and resolution of hardware failures. Aria Networks’ customers include some of the largest players in the internet space.

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