Aria Networks launches applications suite

Aria Networks, a provider of network planning and optimisation applications and services for telecommunications, cloud and over-the-top social networks, today announces the launch of AriaOnline – a suite of applications which enable service providers to visualise, optimise and self-heal any combination of physical and virtual networks.

Aria Networks’ suite of applications enable network operators to automate complex network operations such as traffic and topology modelling, predicting the impact of failure on the network as well as providing insight into margin and contract profitability. All applications are available as cloud based solutions, providing a low cost, easy entry and scalable means to optimise the utilisation of a network. Aria Networks is offering its visualisation app at no cost, enabling service providers to trial AriaOnline.

Aria Networks’ applications suite positions the company for explosive growth in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) markets. The company has already worked with the largest brands in the internet space alongside leading telecommunications service providers such as Telus and Verizon. By adopting a Software as a Service (SaaS) model the company is positioned to deliver globally in a market expected to be worth $11 billion by 2018 (source: Infonetics).

Steve Newton, CEO of Aria Networks comments: “Having proven our software solutions in a number of deployments globally, Aria Networks is enabling telecommunications, cloud and internet service providers to quickly benefit from virtualisation through our new suite of applications. By providing applications that resolve the key issues faced by operators in virtualising their networks and automating operation and control, Aria Networks is reshaping the OSS market from an inflexible consultancy model to a flexible SaaS approach.”

Aria Networks has developed an Operator Maturity Index to help service providers identify gaps in the management of physical and virtual resources and opportunities to effectively improve the return of investment for their network assets. Service providers then utilise Aria Networks’ suite of applications to automate and optimize operational processes. Applications address key issues such as planning network optimisation, responding to infrastructure failure, assessing the impact of new data services and providing an overview of how and where a network is generating revenue.

“Having worked with a number of global internet and telecommunications giants, Aria Networks has identified common issues that they all face in the road to delivering a software defined network,” continues Newton. “The application suite will enable service providers to quickly identify functions that can be virtualised, test the impact of the software and then apply to the network to optimise functionality, driving improved transparency, revenues and profitability.”

About Aria Networks

Founded in 2005, Aria Networks is an independent and network agnostic software service provider for network operators, datacentres and high traffic internet services. Aria Networks facilitates the effective planning, creation and optimisation of networks and datacentres, enabling optimised use of resources, accurate planning for upgrades and real time analysis and resolution of hardware failures. Aria Networks’ customers include some of the largest global internet companies.

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