iJento Brings Just-in-time Customer Intelligence To Leading Cruise Line

iJento, a leading provider of customer intelligence solutions for marketers, today announced that a major cruise line is now using iJento to understand and optimize customer experience. The cruise line uses iJento’s customer intelligence solution to “stitch together” customer visits – across all devices and channels – and develop a complete picture of the customer’s journey prior to purchasing a cruise. As a result, the company has been able to uncover patterns of purchase that enable it to optimize marketing and shorten the buying cycle.

“Today’s marketers are faced with a growing mountain of customer data that must be interpreted to drive results,” said Peter Ryan, chief executive of iJento. “A complex customer buying journey – which may start with a 30-second TV spot, followed by website visits and video views, and then conclude with an agent call after six to eight weeks of online research, must be stitched together before it can mean anything. iJento can help simplify these interactions so a clear behavioral pattern emerges that can then be quickly acted upon to improve marketing results.”

iJento’s customer intelligence solution stitches together customers’ seemingly disconnected online and offline visits across all devices and channels to create a full customer picture—called the Customer DNA. This single view simplifies a complex customer journey, providing easy-to-apply insights that lead to higher customer conversion and retention and show patterns that identify ways to optimize marketing spend across multiple channels or predict which customers are most likely to buy.

With iJento, the cruise line is able to quickly break down its sales funnel into understandable customer segments and then understand which marketing content is having the strongest effect on conversion. For example, the cruise line can now identify the strongest-performing piece of marketing content that led to the most frequent conversions to cruise purchases. Based on this intelligence, the marketing team can confidently decide to prioritize producing more of the best performing content and place it prominently across digital properties. As a result, the sales cycle to purchase a cruise has shortened significantly.

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