New BurstMinder from Syrinix delivers constant pipeline monitoring and immediate burst notifications

Launched today, BurstMinder is the latest intelligent pipeline monitoring solution from award-winning developer Syrinix.

With leaks causing 3.36 billion litres of wasted water each day in the UK alone, the locating and monitoring of bursts in pipelines is crucial. To meet this demand, the new BurstMinder from Syrinix immediately alerts utility companies to bursts indicating the time and location of the rupture. In addition, BurstMinder can be used to monitor pipe pressure continuously and ensure good flow performance.

The completely configurable and automated BurstMinder system checks and logs pressure and flow within pipes every 0.5 seconds, this can be adjusted depending on the users’ requirements. Water providers can be confident everything is running efficiently at any point of the day or night. If there should ever be a burst, notifications can be sent via a number of channels, including SMS and email, allowing them to be located and brought under control rapidly.

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“We are very excited to be adding BurstMinder to our product line,” commented James Dunning, CEO of Syrinix. “Timely recognition of burst pipelines is an issue affecting companies around the world. By launching this solution, we hope to be able to make a real difference to those seeking to minimise their water loss. Syrinix allows its clients to manage their pipeline networks more efficiently, enabling them to deliver improved levels of service and reliability to their customers.”

With its long-life battery (3+ year lithium) and environmentally robust casing, BurstMinder delivers a long-term, efficient solution to all companies looking to monitor and maintain efficient water pipelines. The system is available both as a stand-alone solution and as an add-on to the existing Syrinix suite of solutions that also includes the market leading TrunkMinder and TransientMinder.

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