New “Smart Alarm” Technology from Metrasens Promises to Reduce the Potential for Alarm Fatigue in MRI Facilities

The growing problem of “alarm fatigue” in hospitals was highlighted in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, October 23rd, noting that the ECRI Institute has identified alarm fatigue as the top health care technology hazard in 2013. Metrasens, world leaders in the provision of ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDs) to enhance the safety of MRI facilities, has long recognized this issue and is proud that its new Smart Alarm™ technology intelligently eliminates the majority of extraneous audible alarms, dramatically reducing the probability of alarm fatigue.
MRI is an overwhelmingly safe and valuable imaging technology, yet it is important that safety considerations are always considered. A ferrous object e.g. a steel oxygen cylinder, or wheelchair, coming into range of an MRI system’s strong magnetic field can become a fast moving projectile as it is pulled towards the magnet. This frightening phenomenon is known as the ‘projectile effect’ and can lead to serious or fatal injuries to patients and staff and damage to valuable imaging equipment.
To maintain MRI safety, the national hospital-accreditation body the Joint Commission, recommends the provision for ferromagnetic detection systems in all new facilities. The San Francisco Chronicle article reveals that starting January the Joint Commission will also require hospitals to look for ways of reducing alarm fatigue. Commenting, Dr. Simon Goodyear, founder and CEO of Metrasens said, “We have invested heavily in developing Smart Alarm technology and it is clear that our Ferroguard Assure systems to which it is fitted will exactly match the requirements being set for hospitals by the Joint Commission. Working closely with busy MRI facilities has enabled us to develop solutions to meet their real need to combine safety and workflow efficiency. Our Ferroguard Assure customers enjoying the benefits of Smart Alarm technology are reporting dramatic reductions in audible alarm occurrence. We are proud to be the first FMD manufacturer to offer a safety solution combining maximum safety while maintaining workflow and significantly reducing the possibility of alarm fatigue.”
About Metrasens
Metrasens is the provider of the Ferroguard range of ferromagnetic detection systems (FMD) for protecting MRI facilities from the dangers of projectile accidents. The world-leading sensor technology in Ferroguard provides the highest sensitivity FMD available in the market today, resulting in the greatest detection reliability and confidence. Metrasens has manufacturing facilities in the UK, has sales and support facilities in Illinois and a growing network of international distribution partners. Metrasens’ sophisticated magnetic-detection core technologies are also being successfully employed in the rapidly growing worldwide security markets. Complete information is available at the company’s website:

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