Pulsar Stokes the Flames of Blast Furnace Illumination

Approached by the team at CE+T Technics in Belgium, Pulsar was requested to supply a high power single colour LED solution to illuminate the bases of a pair of landmark blast furnaces – a lighting concept devised by innovative designer Ingo Maurer.

Part of a multi-million euro regeneration program in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, the site is being transformed into a centre of science and culture. The new blast furnace lighting design focuses on contrast, colour, and the heritage of the state’s biggest ironworks. The installation features extensive use of Pulsar’s ChromaPowerLine 50, other high power LED fixtures, HMI white lighting, as well as a 7kW searchlight for special occasions and Maurer’s newest streetlight creation, GuddeVol.

To the Maurer team, a widespread use of coloured light did not seem appropriate to the monumental Blast Furnaces that tower over the Place des Hauts-Fourneaux square. Maurer explained during a 2008 lighting trial, “Standing in front of the furnaces is a very moving and emotional experience. They are ‘cathedrals’ of the new part of Esch-sur-Alzette”.

Drawing on filmic references, the commission utilises large swathes of darkness interspersed with intense areas of light to form strong contrast and visual stimuli. Parts of the pipework were re-painted in a warm grey to form neutral masses for the light to interact with while others were simply varnished to conserve the rust, oxidisation, and history of the landmarks. It was crucial for Maurer and his team to capture the spirit of the place and underline the role of the furnaces in the new surroundings.

With other areas of the project already specified, Maurer and his team approached CE+T Technics to find the exact solution to their single area of colour in the project – requiring a product capable of producing a powerful red light of a specific wavelength. CE+T contacted Pulsar through their online chat feature and once they discovered the breadth of LED solutions offered, they immediately requested a demonstration of the ChromaPowerLine 50 configured with Single Colour red LEDs to test with the brief’s exacting specification.

It wasn’t long until the fixture was approved, and Pulsar worked with CE+T Technics to secure the project -ultimately won because of Pulsar’s 40+ years of manufacturing history, superb fixture reliability, and the ChromaRange’s 3 year unlimited usage guarantee.

The final specification called for 162 ChromaPowerLine 50 units, with an additional order of 35, customised with specific red LEDs, a custom black paint finish, and foot mount kits which all needed to be manufactured and delivered over four separate shipment deadlines which Pulsar was able to beat.

The final scheme was inaugurated on the 4 July 2014 and will remain a key part of the new quarter’s life and environment for years to come.

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