Pulsar tailor make solution for Mirvac project

E-Lux Lighting Design & Consultancy were contracted by Mirvac to light the public areas of the 43-storey Era residential tower in Chatswood, Sydney. As well as providing lighting for the lobby areas, E-Lux reviewed the buildings’ exterior lighting.

Rather than use a metal halide fixture, E-Lux decided to use an LED option in the form of the Pulsar ChromaInGround 50, an amazing high-power LED fixture housed in an IP67 enclosure. The ChromaInGround 50 has a 10mm toughened glass surface allowing it to be walked or driven over, making it particularly ideal for applications in demanding environments.

“It’s quite a shallow fitting so it could fit into the existing concrete slab that had already been poured,” explained Bettina Easton, lighting designer at E-Lux. “Pulsar custom made the fixture so it was a 3000 Kelvin single colour (white) fixture rather than the standard RGB offering. The white is nice and warm, matching all of the other fixtures used inside the foyer.”

The Pulsar ChromaInGround 50 fixtures highlight the columns as well as illuminating the soffit above resulting in a gentle illumination as one enters the building.

“It’s looks much better than having lots of extra downlights around the soffit to light up the floor,” added Bettina. “It also clearly defines the signage for Era and the entrance which is important as the foyer is actually on the side of the street.”

Each of the four columns is encircled by four of the Pulsar fixtures which Bettina describes as perfect. A standard on/off timer control is deployed.

“The service from Show Technology was fantastic and the project has been so successful, we are using the Pulsar for a similar concept in Melbourne,” commented Bettina. “I really like that the ChromaInGround 50 has a gimbal that allows for ±10° beam adjustment. The colour consistency offered by Pulsar is amazing, in fact I’d say perfect.”

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