Red-M Makes Waves at the In-Building & In-Transport Forum 2006

Red-M, the pioneer of Total Airspace Management (TAM), played a major role in the Informa 2nd Annual In-Building & In-Transport Forum, the showcase of wireless technologies and solutions for the in-building environment, which was held at The Marriott London Regents Park, on 27th and 28th September 2006.
A supporting sponsor of the event, Red-M also provided chairmanship for both of the main days of the forum, including chairing three panel sessions and participating in a fourth. Many new themes emerged, including particularly:
– The rapid growth of in-building systems as competition between cellular and Wi-Fi technologies increases, with some operators seeing a 50% year-on-year increase in the number of in-building systems they are deploying.
– The emergence of new in-building architectures including those with digital distribution for greater flexibility, wider bandwidth for a larger service set and lower cost for domestic applications.
– The increasing maturity of interactions between property owners and operators, with site owners seeing wireless rising up their strategic agenda as customers demand good mobile services while operators increase their appreciation of the dynamics and needs of the property industry in structuring partnership approaches to provision of services to tenants and the public alike.
Red-M also made its presence felt via a case study presentation: “BAA: In-Building Wireless For The Large-Scale Enterprise – Total Airspace Management”. The presentation talked about BAA’s wireless challenges at its seven airports, and how the key characteristics of Red-M’s Universal Wireless Infrastructure were used to meet the need for holistic airspace management to deliver an all-embracing radio strategy for BAA’s seven airports. Contact Red-M for a copy of a detailed case study on its work for BAA.
Red-M’s thought leadership at this event emerged from its work over a decade of experience of in-building and in-transport wireless solutions, including those in complex and difficult to manage environments such as tunnels, airports, stadiums and exhibition centres. The company is expert in all wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, PMR, WiMAX and more. It uses its expertise and innovative, patented technologies to advise operators, enterprises and landlords on how to make the best use of wireless, ensuring a compelling return-on-investment.
As a supporting sponsor of the event, Red-M’s participation not only marks the company’s position as the market leader in the design, implementation and management of wireless infrastructure solutions for in-building, campus and metropolitan environments, but it also demonstrates its innovation and expertise in new and emerging wireless systems and technologies.

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