Red-M To Exhibit Total Airspace Management At BCSC Retail Event

Red-M Group will exhibit its range of wireless Total Airspace Management solutions at the BCSC Retail Showcase event at Belfast’s St. George’s Market on October 31 to November 02, 2005. The company, which is also sponsoring the event, will be demonstrating its wireless expertise by wireless-enabling the event venue so that the anticipated 1,600 visitors are provided with an enhanced experience. Being able to enjoy on-site wireless connectivity throughout the duration of the event means attendees will be able to keep in touch with the office, whilst keeping apace with the leading suppliers and providers to the retail industry.

Andrew Barker, Chief Marketing Officer of Red-M Group, said that with wireless technology becoming the communication standard of choice, the general public increasingly expect to have mobile access wherever they go. “Businesses that harness the technology by managing the airspace in their public areas can generate new revenue streams by offering customers wireless services. If you don’t lay claim to your wireless airspace by managing it, someone else is going to benefit from it and may present you with problems in the process by interfering with your own wireless systems.”

He explained that unmanaged radio systems create disruption because they interfere with each other even if they’re in different frequency bands. “Owners of large public properties like shopping centres, airports, universities, facilities and estate managers and design and construction firms, need to manage their airspace to ensure that wireless doesn’t expand on an ad-hoc basis,” he said. “With wireless security cameras, machine to machine communications such as electronic tills, broadband and personalised mobile TVs becoming the norm, wireless airspace needs to be managed if it is to be an asset rather than a liability.”

According to Barker all public environments should treat wireless technology as the fourth utility along with water, electricity and gas. “As wireless continues to grow, so wireless related legislation will increasingly come into force. Landowners and managers will need to meet regulatory requirements and ensure health and safety standards for visitors to their buildings,” he said.

Under the umbrella of Total Airspace Management Red-M will demonstrate a range of services including auditing of existing wireless activity, design of wireless networks and the management of wireless spectrums. Red-M will show how to strategically, design, implement and manage wireless infrastructures to create better buildings and improve building productivity and performance, cut costs and increase value.

Both British Land and BAA are among Red-M’s property-owning customers. Red-M has developed a wireless operating policy for Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield, one of the UK’s largest and most successful shopping centres, and for BAA which owns and operates seven of the UK’s largest and busiest airports including Heathrow.

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