UK Streaming and Content Delivery Service Announces Move to Windows Azure Platform

Mydeo, the award winning UK streaming and content delivery service, has announced today that the new version of its platform, due for beta release end of Q2 2011, will be built out on the new Windows Azure Platform.
The announcement follows a two week intense Windows Azure proof of concept workshop attended by Mydeo’s development team at the Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) in the UK, the results of which were broadcast on Microsoft’s popular Developer Network, Channel 9.
Cary Marsh, Mydeo’s CEO and Co-Founder, comments: “The commercial benefits of moving to the Azure platform are significant. Not only will the platform give us huge flexibility to develop further innovative features for our growing client base, but the the cost savings of moving from a managed hosting environment to a cloud based infrastructure are considerable.” formed an alliance in 2008 with Limelight Networks to provide European businesses with a more flexible, low-cost way of delivering content via the Limelight Networks CDN. “Thanks to the infinitely scalable processing power of the Windows Azure platform, the billions of logs we receive from Limelight can now be efficiently and accurately translated into the granular statistical information our customers require” said Cary.
The proof of concept work helped to identify new methods for the analysis of huge quantities of real time data from the streaming and content delivery networks, providing a flexible and dynamic platform for the creation of a suite of completely new services for customers. Richard Parker, Mydeo’s Head of Development explained “We wanted to release a new version of the platform, adding significant new functionality. Windows Azure was the logical choice because it allows us to do so much more, without having to worry about infrastructure. Mydeo processes enormous volumes of log files on a daily basis and scaling that was becoming a problem on our dedicated hardware. As well as being a great experience, the time we have spent working alongside Microsoft developers in Reading has proven that we can leverage Windows Azure to process more data, at a lower cost, with infinite scalability and enhanced fault-tolerance.”
David Gristwood of Microsoft, who lead the POC said “It’s nice to work with a business who really wants to innovate and take on the next challenge. In a very short space of time the team have built a solution that, for the first time, means they can scale virtually infinitely. Whether its storage or processing power, Mydeo can tap in to as much or as little of both as they need in order to fulfil demand. Their solution is dealing with vast quantities of data every day, and the scalability of the Azure platform means that they can now keep up with the data demands of their growing business.”
About Mydeo
Launched in 2005 by Cary Marsh and Iain Millar, Mydeo won a Research & Development Grant for Technical Innovation from the UK Department of Trade and Industry. Mydeo provides businesses with robust scalable content delivery via the Limelight Networks Content Delivery Network (CDN), via a self service online suite. There are no minimum contracts, flexible monthly payment plans and free premium online reporting tools.
In October 2007 Mydeo announced that Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the US with market cap of over $20bn, were taking a minority equity stake in Mydeo, and would be using the Mydeo platform for its own bespoke video hosting service.
Mydeo won a commendation in the ‘Best Streaming Service’ category at the 2009 UK Internet Service Provider awards and was named a Red Herring Europe 100 finalist.
Mydeo’s CEO, Cary Marsh, is currently the face of British Telecom’s “Next Generation Access” campaign; she has been named in the business category of the prestigious COURVOISIER® The Future 500 list; and was awarded the inaugural Iris Award at the NatWest Everywoman Awards in recognition of her business success through effective implementation and use of IT and Communications.

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