Chartered Surveyors to Value Airspace

Red-M Group has called for greater awareness of wireless airspace amidst announcements that the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) valuation bible, ‘The Red Book’, now calls on members to consider intangible assets when assessing the true value of a property.

Bricks and mortar have previously been the focus of RICS members, but the new guidelines also consider assets such as use of space and energy efficiency. According to wireless infrastructure specialists, Red-M, surveyors and property owners should look further still when considering intangible assets.

“The airspace surrounding any building, if properly managed, can be a valuable asset for property owners, “explains Red-M’s CEO, David Richmond. “If this asset is unmanaged it creates risks, as multiple users trying to share a finite resource can experience interference and system degradation of mission critical systems. Well managed airspace can deliver additional business revenue directly and indirectly and also increase the overall value of the building”.

By taking control of the wireless activity in the airspace in and around a building, and then offering it as a service to other organisations and individuals, it is possible to create competitive advantage and a revenue-generating asset that will help to raise the value of the property.

Applying Red-M’s Total Airspace Management (TAM) approach will provide commercial property developers, landlords and tenants with the strategic framework and solutions needed to design, implement and manage today’s complex and challenging multi-spectrum wireless environments.

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