Dental and hygienist treatments usually involve discomfort to the patient. In the increasing world of ‘preventative dentistry’, practitioners seek treatments for their patients that maintain healthy teeth and reduce discomfort, whilst in chair, or post-treatment. OSspray combines over 30 years of research and development to develop a product that is intended to eliminate these issues when used with air abrasion or air polishing hardware in private dentistry. OSspray is a spin out from Imperial College, and Kings College London that is developing a range of patented compounds that offer fundamental benefits for dental patients requiring tooth repair and hygiene treatments. In partnership with air abrasion and air polishing device manufacturers, OSspray products provide a treatment that offer significant improvements over traditional drilling and cleaning methods. OSspray with air abrasion and air polishing can significantly reduce pain, noise, sensitivity and discomfort, whilst actually improving the long term health of the tooth after treatment. OSspray’s vision is to become the leader is regenerative dentistry and clinical implant treatments, combining patented bioactive glass technologies and a world leading management team.


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