Metrasens, award-winning technology company opens new expanded facilities

Leading detection-technology company Metrasens today officially opened its new headquarters in Malvern, UK. The move has been necessitated by the accelerating growth of the business, which has again doubled its turnover for the second year running. The new facility accommodates R&D, manufacturing and commercial teams and was opened by Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire.

One of the applications for Metrasens’ specialized magnetic detection technology is in tackling the worldwide problem of the smuggling and use of mobile phones in prisons. The Company’s CellSense product is now being adopted rapidly by prisons across the USA, where its use is becoming standard practice. Harriett Baldwin, who has supported the Company as it lobbies the Home Office to introduce the technology in the UK, said “Metrasens is one of number of rapidly growing companies in Malvern which are making a splash on the global stage. I have been keen to wave the flag for Metrasens in Westminster and I am proud to be invited to open up their new Malvern HQ. There is a huge group of brilliant brains in Malvern bringing amazing technologies to the UK and beyond. The company has grown so fast that it has had to take on extra staff and new premises and I congratulate yet another Malvern success story.
Commenting on the opening of its new facility Dr Simon Goodyear, founder and CEO of Metrasens said, “These are very exciting times for everyone in the Company. Our outstanding team is growing as a direct result of its success in creating innovative technology, building great products and successfully selling into the world’s largest market. This special day comes just a week after our international business success was recognized at the Chamber of Commerce Awards and just a couple of months after our US-based sales subsidiary also had to relocate to larger premises; it’s an eventful year.”

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