Metrasens is 2015 Innovation Awards Double-Winner

Metrasens, the leading magnetics detection company, is proud to have received two Innovation Awards in recognition of the contribution its products are making to the diverse and important fields of prison security and patient safety.

The 2015 Institute of Physics (IOP) Innovation Award recognises companies that have achieved significant commercial success built on physics. Also recognising the Company, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) gave its 2015 Innovation Award for “Measurement in Action” and its contribution to state security. The awards were presented to Metrasens at ceremonies held in London, UK.

These awards recognise the contribution that Metrasens has made through two important applications of its magnetics detection technologies. Firstly, in prisons around the world its Cellsense search system is enabling effective detection of dangerous contraband such as cellphones and weapons. Cellphones are especially troubling when smuggled into prisons as they enable inmates to carry on their illegal activities from behind bars. Metrasens is also improving the safety of patients undergoing MRI scans through its Ferroguard safety systems that can detect and prevent steel objects from getting too close to the powerful magnet of the MRI, where they can become fast moving dangerous projectiles.

For more information on Metrasens’ Cellsense search system see

For more information on Metrasens’ Ferroguard MRI safety systems see

In making their award, the IET judging panel commented “The innovative application of basic sensors in a system which outperforms its competitors, along with the clear value the product is able to bring to numerous security applications really impressed the judges.

“They felt that the overall approach of sensing the changes in magnetic field resulting from the presence of weaponry, rather than sensing the devices themselves, would prove inspirational to other groups addressing detection problems.”

Dr Simon Goodyear, CEO and co-founder of Metrasens added Metrasens was founded to help make the world a safer place, and these awards are recognition of the knowledge, skill and understanding of our team in applying great physics and engineering to create solutions to very challenging real world problems in safety and security. They also reflect our success in commercialising these products so far in over 38 countries

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