Red-M Demonstrates Airspace Value at Stadium Revenue Summit 2006

Red-M, the pioneer of Total Airspace Management (TAM), acted as a sponsor and presenter at the Stadium Revenue Summit held at the new Emirates Stadium, London, 15 – 16 November.
Red-M’s presentation, “Building Value from Stadium Wireless Airspace”, made clear that wireless is now an essential component of value in projects considering the construction of new stadia and entertainment venues. Likewise, wireless has a key role to play in the refresh of existing environments to ensure they can compete with newer sites.
Delegates from locations including the UK, Dubai, Germany, Scandinavia and France heard how wireless in its many forms is now a £13.1 billion per year industry in the UK alone. Mobile phones are increasingly a means of delivering rich sports content and electronic ticketing to customers, thereby creating a close relationship between venues and customers. Electronic ticketing schemes also reduce the costs of ticketing and increase seat occupancy by allowing rapid transfer of season ticket rights while minimising touting.
Similarly Wi-Fi and other forms of wireless technology allow stadium operations to be conducted smoothly while opening new opportunities for content delivery to customers. As an example, Near Field Communication technology is now emerging, enabling the mobile phone to be used as a wallet and a means of accessing stadium location-specific information.
Red-M pointed out that the infrastructure needed to deliver such services can be made an integral part of the stadium environment, future-proofed against the creation of new technologies. This can be achieved via concepts such as Red-M’s Universal Wireless Infrastructure, which delivers flexible wireless services over technologies as diverse as cellular, Wi-Fi and private mobile radio. Such infrastructure can also be managed via Airspace Policy Management to ensure that it and surrounding systems remain secure, safe and non-interfering.
Red-M’s thought leadership at this event emerged from its work over a decade of experience of in-building and in-transport wireless solutions, including those in complex and difficult to manage environments such as tunnels, airports, stadiums and exhibition centres. The company is expert in all wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, PMR, WiMAX and more. It uses its expertise and innovative, patented technologies to advise operators, enterprises and landlords on how to make the best use of wireless, ensuring a compelling return-on-investment.
As a supporting sponsor of the event, Red-M’s participation not only marks the company’s position as the market leader in the design, implementation and management of wireless infrastructure solutions for in-building, campus and metropolitan environments, but it also demonstrates its innovation and expertise in new and emerging wireless systems and technologies.
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