Red-M Launches Red-Link

Until now, if you wanted licensed spectrum in the UK your only option has been to approach Ofcom for your spectrum needs. With the launch of Red-Link, Red-M is the first company to offer an alternative solution.

Andrew Barnard, Managing Consultant at Red-M said: ‘Red-M is a licence holder for a substantial amount of spectrum in the 28GHz band which we acquired under a new class of technology neutral and tradable licences following an Ofcom auction in Feburary 2008. We are the first organisation to enter the market as a band manager as we will manage the spectrum for our own use and also allow other organisations access to this spectrum with our Red-Link service.’

Red-Link offers a permit to operate high speed point to point links up to 100Mb/s, and is suitable for multiple technologies and applications, both single or multiple links, where a business wants to take advantage of interference free and flexibly assigned 28 GHZ spectrum to deliver high quality radio links, fully managed by Red-M.

Red-Link supports these point to point links in the 28GHz band which are suitable for dynamic modulation which allows the radio link to support both high throughput and high availability at the same time.

Red-Link Key Benefits:
Super quick frequency assignment (normally within 5 working days)
For Single or Multiple Links
Channel bandwidths – 3.5MHz, 7, 14 and 28MHz
Cost reduced & simplified end user equipment management (as all devices are at 28GHz)
Availability – 99.99% designed as standard (others available on request)
With the added benefits of a simple and ease to use enquiry and order process

And if you need more than spectrum, then Red-M’s RES (Radio Extension Service) product may be suitable. RES provides fully managed, high speed radio communications links substantially cheaper than BT LES circuits.

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